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Satya Yoga, LLC. provides yoga classes for all ages and levels of experience in Greensburg, PA.


Starting August 12th and 13th

Satya Yoga Teacher Training - 200 Hours

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After years of practice and planning, we are excited to announce Satya Yoga's first teacher training! Whether you want to be a teacher, or if you love the practice and want more insight, here is  condensed list of what we will be offering:

  1. Exploration of the philosophy, history and practice of yoga science as a whole.
  2. In-depth anatomy and biomechanics pertaining to safe and effective asana and pranayama practice.
  3. Analysis of classical yogic texts and how they apply to your practice on and off the mat: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Eight Limbs will be practiced) Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
  4. How to connect and convey information with others.
  5. How to be an effective instructor (sharer of knowledge).
  6. How to create a safe, nurturing space to be all inclusive.
  7. How to affect self-exploration in students.
  8. Serving special needs and underserved populations (including prenatal, seniors, and children).
  9. The business and ethics of yoga. 

Respected guest teachers trained in different lineages will lead workshops, and "field trips" will be included. 
Practice and discussion of the different paths of yoga aside from Hatha (Mantra, Karma, Bhakti, etc).

Starting in August, the RYS 200 hour Training will be every second weekend of the Month for 9 Months:

August 12th and 13th

September 9th and 10th

October 14th and 15th

November 11th and 12th

December 9th and 10th

January 13th and 14th

February 10th and 11th

March 10th and 11th

April 14th and 15th

Satya Yoga was founded with our mission for the practice of yoga to be inclusive, accessible, and affordable, while working to create a sustainable and supportive community. This teacher training furthers that mission, with the cost of the training at $1,500. 

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