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"When the mind becomes clear and serene the Self reflects without disfigurement, and we realize the Truth in its own original nature."
~Sri Swami Satchidananda from "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" ~

Satya Yoga, LLC. is currently operating virtually via Zoom.  

In person classes will return this summer at public outdoor venues

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Satya Yoga, LLC. provides yoga classes for all ages and levels of experience in Greensburg, PA.


Satya Yoga Greensburg Class Descriptions

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Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, flowing style of yoga where the body's movement is linked and attuned with the breath.  This connection of breath (pranayama) and movement (asana) creates a "moving meditation" that builds personal power via strength and flexibility in the body, and peace and clarity in the mind.  Students will learn various pranayama techniques and the use of the bandhas to deepen and strengthen their experience of asana.  

Satya Yoga offers a non-heated deeper, slower-paced Vinyasa-style Yoga to all levels of experience in a creative and nurturing environment.  Classes are challenging, rejuvenating and fun, with attention to aligning the body by building a strong foundation.  Basic principles are discussed, demonstrated, and practiced to build upon and enhance all areas of your life: physically, mentally, and emotionally. The practice of Yoga enables us to live more fully in our bodies (and sometimes the real work happens off the mat!).  Every body is different, so students are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and move to their own breath. 


Gentle/Beginner Yoga:

This class is for students who are new to the practice of yoga or for those who would like a slower-paced class. This is a gentle and relaxing class, that allows for the deepening and lengthening of the muscles and the use of proper yogic breathing (pranayama) to stay in the present moment to fully experience each posture (asana).   The gentle stretching of all areas of the body will aid in the release of stress and tension from the joints and muscles, while creating peace and clarity in the mind. 

Satya Yoga offers Gentle/Beginner Yoga to all students who would like to experience the practice of yoga in a creative and nurturing environment.  All students are encouraged to listen to their own bodies and move to their own breath.

Mindful Eating Practices: 

This class is designed to give participants healthy tips, suggestions, and ideas for them to change their lifestyle in regards to their diet.  It is designed to instill the idea of making healthy choices instead of crash dieting.  

Self Care Practices:

This class is for individuals that need to take some times to "take" care of themselves.  We all need a little pampering and will do just that in this 6 week session. 

Yoga 101:

This class is a four week session and designed for the beginning student.  In the class you will explore breathing techniques, yoga postures, and relaxation techniques.  Upon completion of the 4 weeks we hope that you have the confidence to explore other yoga classes to practice the fundamentals learned in this class.

Yoga For Bigger Bodies:

A group Yoga Class can be intimidating for anyone that thinks they are too overweight to put on Yoga Pants and twist there body in various positions and this class will show the overweight individual that Yoga is for everyBODY. This class is specifically designed for the individual that feels that are not thin enough to try a Yoga Class. Mary definitely doesn't fit the mold of a typical Yoga Instructor.  This class meets weekly. For anyone not familiar with Yoga, it is recommended that prior to taking the class you attend the 4 week introductory session. 

Yoga Core:

The core of the human body is where all movement and posture begins. Increasing core strength and endurance enhances our ability to maintain postural alignment throughout the day and our yoga practice. Topics Covered include: Core awareness, Breath control,Postural awareness, and Modifications.In this class students will learn techniques to use throughout a yoga practice to strengthen the core.
Students will practice specific asana to increase core strength and endurance and will balance postures with specific cues to engage the core.

Yoga Strength:

All yoga builds strength.  Focusing on specific movements through Asana provides the body with the opportunity to become stronger. Sequencing within a class can increase strength and endurance.  Yoga Strength is designed with this in mind. Each week will focus on four main objectives: Postural awareness, Techniques enhancing strength acquisition, Specific sequences to encourage muscle tone, and How to obtain strength while using modifications. During this class, Students will learn techniques to use throughout a yoga practice to strengthen the entire body. We will practice specific asana to increase strength and endurance and will practice asana to encourage muscle tone and definition.

Yoga Combination Class: 

Try out this yoga combination class using the Flobody Gym ( Class will begin with basic stretches and sun salutations to warm-up. Then we will combine the use of resistance bands and light hand weights with some yoga postures and lots of yoga awareness to build strength in the body and the mind. We will finish with cool-down stretches and a brief relaxation. This class is recommended for individuals with Yoga Experience as correct posture/form is needed for practice of safe alignment during the practice. This class is for yogis with enough experience to employ body awareness while being challenged. 

Please bring water and a blanket with you. 

All equipment (mat, resistance bands, and hand weights) will be provided! 

Class is limited to 5 pre-paid registrants.Combo Class Meets Thursday starting January 9th from 5:30 pm -6:30 pm, must pre-register, class is a 4 week session for $60 ($50 if paid prior to 12/26)

Tai Chi:

Translates as ‘supreme ultimate’ and truly it is! But why? As the definition implies, the benefits are too many to list, but in general Tai Chi brings the practitioner health, balance, strength and confidence at any stage in life. I believe Tai Chi is the Tao (The Way). Not only is it a martial art it is a means for increasing your overall wellness, and the best part is that any body size can excel at Tai Chi! Tai Chi uses relaxation and physics to become a devastating art. As opposed to fighting foes, as well as the foes of daily living, with tension and aggression, we fight our foes with relaxation and balance.

When we relax into the ground and don’t push off of it we find a sense of ‘rooting’ into the ground. Through rooting we act as a blade of grass in a hurricane. The grass, rooted in the earth will just bend in the fierce winds whereas the strong oak will be uprooted and sent flying. Seeking relaxation in the tumult of a storm is the essence of Tai Chi and the Tao

Yoga for Kids: 

Yoga is a wonderful way for children to express themselves. Yoga inspires creativity and imagination, and can help children learn to focus and calm themselves. Believe it or not, kids can feel stressed, too! Yoga for kids of any age can help relieve their tension and focus their energy on various tasks. This class incorporates games, stretches, breathing techniques, and allows children to explore and play in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

Prenatal Yoga - Not Currently Available:

Prenatal Yoga is the perfect way to stay flexible, create energy, relieve stress, and prepare both mentally and physically for the birth of your baby. The physical postures, and breathing and relaxation skills learned in this class can help with delivery and beyond. Yoga can help soothe discomforts during pregnancy such as swollen feet, indigestion, and back pain. The poses also target the awareness of the pelvic floor, the center of gravity in your ever-changing body, and the opening of the hips to help prepare your body for delivery. Class always ends with a meditation designed to connect with your breath, your growing little one, and to enhance your ability to stay in the present moment.

Meditation and Gentle Flow - Not Currently Available:

This class incorporates very gentle postures and movenment to prepare the student's physical body to sit for a guided mediation practice. Each class will begin with a brief and gentle asana practiced followed by an exploration of a diffent type of meditation technique.  Meditation is a wonderful way for individuals to perhaps calm the "monkey mind" that many of us experience and possibly gain focus and awareness of tension and stress.  The purpose of this class is to explore a variety of techniques for meditation and relaxation because there is no one way to meditate.  We all relax and focus in different ways and this class may have a technique that can assist you.  

Mommy and Me - not currently available:

Being a new mom or a mom of young children is an exciting and rewarding time, yet at times it can seem very draining, emotionally and physically. This class can help you to relax, strengthen your body, and experience calmness while spending quality time with your child. Participation in Mommy and Me classes can help to strengthen the emotional and physical bond between parent and child. Slow and gentle-moving yoga postures are used throughout this class and are ideal for infants ages 6 weeks to pre-walking . Class also includes special time for the parent to massage, sing to, and play with their infant in ways that will help develop the child’s motor skills. This class is specially designed to create a bond with the parent and child while experiencing yoga breathing, yoga poses, relaxation, and meditation.