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"When the mind becomes clear and serene the Self reflects without disfigurement, and we realize the Truth in its own original nature."
~Sri Swami Satchidananda from "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" ~

Satya Yoga, LLC. is currently operating virtually via Zoom.  

In person classes will return this summer at public outdoor venues

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Satya Yoga, LLC. provides yoga classes for all ages and levels of experience in Greensburg, PA.


Satya Yoga Greensburg ~ Bringing Yoga to You

Satya Yoga, LLC. knows that our lives are busy.  We often fail to make time for ourselves, which may lead us to feel stressed, unproductive, and downright cranky.  If your schedule makes it difficult to imagine the possibility of attending a class, allow us to bring yoga to you.  We offer a variety of classes and workshops to fit your personal needs. 

All classes are personalized and range from 60 minutes through 90 minutes.  Please contact us for pricing.  Each class includes physical postures, relaxation, and meditation. 

Private Instruction

Each class is personalized and structured based on your experience and knowledge of yoga, and any health concerns you may have. Classes may be held in your home or at a mutually agreed upon location.  Individual instruction is very beneficial to assist you with safe and proper body alignment by accessing basic foundational principles. Personalized postures and meditation techniques for your needs, goals, and any health concerns will be tailored for you.

Corporate Sessions

Is your staff stressed out? Is work production and creativity suffering? Instead of an afternoon coffee or vending machine break, try a yoga break.  Yoga is a wonderful way to rejuvenate, relax and refresh.   Regular meditation practice can inspire creativity and problem solving.  Classes can be scheduled any time during the work day, including before or after office hours.  We reccommend a minimum of 60 minutes for employees to receive the full benefits of a yoga class. 

Small Group Lessons

Do you have a small group of friends, co-workers or family that would enjoy getting together to relax and have fun?   A group lesson would be a great way to spend quality time together, while de-stressing and detoxifying yourselves.  Group lessons are a fun way to connect with each other.  This is also a great option for bridal parties.

Mommy and Me Yoga (Currently Unavailable unless for Private Group)

 Being a new mom or a mom of young children is an exciting and rewarding time, yet at times it can seem very draining, emotionally and physically.  This class can help you to relax, strengthen your body, and experience calmness while spending quality time with your child.  Participation in Mommy and Me classes can help to strengthen the emotional and physical bond between parent and child.  Slow and gentle-moving yoga postures are used throughout this class and are ideal for infants ages 6 weeks to pre-walking .  Class also includes special time for the parent to massage, sing to, and play with their child in ways that will help develop the child’s motor skills.  This class is specially designed to create a bond with the parent and child while experiencing yoga breathing, yoga poses, relaxation, and meditation. 

Toddler/Preschool Yoga (Currently Unavailable unless for Private Group)

Calling all active 2-5 year olds for a yoga class full of games, music, yoga poses, and relaxation! This class is designed for the curiosity of young minds and the development of their gross motor skills.  This is an important stage in a child’s mental, emotional, and physical development, and yoga for Toddler/Preschoolers can help to focus their scattered energy in a positive way.  Yoga can help this age group gain control over their physical movements and acquire better balance and coordination.  The playful practice of yoga also may help them learn to express emotions through postures and breathing, using models from nature.  Toddlers and Preschoolers can learn to use creative and constructive ways to view the world around them as they grow.

Yoga for Kids

 Yoga is a wonderful way for children to express themselves.  Yoga inspires creativity and imagination, and can help children learn to focus and calm themselves.  Believe it or not, kids can feel stressed, too!  Yoga for kids of any age can help relieve their tension and focus their energy on various tasks.  Classes may be scheduled for individuals, siblings, scout groups, home school groups or even in your child's school (school district approval required).  Classes are typically 45 minutes or longer depending on the child's age group.